Archive | September, 2012

Building access

The new CRPD 2012 ICT Accessibility Progress Report is out, and I thought some folks might find it interesting.  A quotation from the report that relates to a point I […]

Some Thoughts on Defining DH

We have worked through some key concepts in trying to define Digital Humanities.  An important distinction about DH which Matt pointed out is the emphasis on the methodology of building, […]

Building versus Using

Here is a timely take on our building versus using conversation from one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter Lee Bessette (@collegereadywriting) who now writes for Inside Higher […]


In our last class we discussed MOOCs and some of the possible future directions they might take.  I bumped into a blurb in Inside Higher Ed about the Bill and […]

Define at your own peril…

Seeking a definition for digital humanities seems much like the search to define other modern academic concepts, such as “postmodernism.”  While we can see multiple iterations of such concepts in […]

First pass definition

Hello all – below is a very preliminary attempt at creating a definition of digital humanities. A few points I’d like to make before positing a definition: First, I’ve approached […]

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