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Explaining dh code in words

I found myself drawn to the twitter exchange between Scheinfeldt and Shaw, perhaps because it was mercifully brief, but more likely because it seemed to me to present a clear disparity of opinion, one that furthermore was easy to take sides in. I side firmly with Scheinfeldt. Shaw’s comment “if you can’t explain to me […]

further concerns of rhetorical corruption in Ramsay…

The title of this comment is borrowed from James, who has recently expressed some concerns with what he views as problematic elements in Ramsay’s work. I have also found the book to be difficult, and have two particular issues that I’d like to make note of, and wonder as well if anyone else shares the […]

Reforming Graduate Education through abolition of tenure

This is a very nascent thought, and should not be viewed as a long-held, deeply thought upon position, but I cannot understand why the abolition of tenure is not considered more often, except for the fact that so many people who are contributing to this conversation already have it. It seems fairly obvious that tenure […]

First pass definition

Hello all – below is a very preliminary attempt at creating a definition of digital humanities. A few points I’d like to make before positing a definition: First, I’ve approached this as a historical lexicographic problem, providing citations of use as a means of illustrating meaning. This may very well not be the best way […]

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