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Early thoughts on building as performative theory

The debates about process and product that, in the previous ten or fifteen years, focused many conversations within the composition/rhetoric (comp/rhet) community seem also at play in DH.  Comp/rhet, especially writing across the curriculum (WAC) and even within he disciplines (WID), debated the value of the writing process, a process that focuses not so much […]

DH Theory

I think that the articles in the Theorizing section presented some provocative and interesting ideas. I was particularly struck by Johanna Drucker’s essay, “Humanist Theory and Digital Scholarship.” In this piece Drucker’s sentiments reminded me much of those echoed in Mark Monmonier’s work “How to Lie with Maps.”  Both caution against the open embrace of […]

Explaining dh code in words

I found myself drawn to the twitter exchange between Scheinfeldt and Shaw, perhaps because it was mercifully brief, but more likely because it seemed to me to present a clear disparity of opinion, one that furthermore was easy to take sides in. I side firmly with Scheinfeldt. Shaw’s comment “if you can’t explain to me […]

Theorizing DH: A Medley of Opinions

While doing this week’s assigned readings, I was bombarded with diverse opinions from DH scholars regarding the topic of DH and theory. Of all of the brief essays I read from these scholars, only two really piqued my interest: When Digital Humanities Was In Vogue by Natalia Cecire andTheory Firstby Benjamin M. Schmidt. Both essays […]

The Filter Test

I believe it’s my turn to play the part of the skeptic, but before I do so, permit me to share the fruits of reconnaissance. In an itty-bitty footnote in Open Access, Peter Suber cites Clay Shirky’s twenty-minute talk at the Web 2.0 Expo (9/19/08), “It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure.” As the title […]

First Draft of DH Project Proposal: Digital Archiving

After rereading the directions that Matt gave us regarding the final assignment, I have opted to write a proposal rather than write a seminar paper since the latter seems a lot more interesting than the former. For my final project, I am considering to make a proposal for a new digital archiving tool to preserve, analyze, […]

Digital Materiality and “the thingness of things”

After last week’s discussion with Matthew Kirschenbaum, I have been thinking more and more bout “the thingness of things” and the physical medium needed to store and convey digital text for information transmission. If necessary, could I retrieve the 79.75 kb of data from an eight inch floppy disk from 1971?  Would I need a […]

“Our hands become brooms, sweeping away the alphabetic dust before us” or Digital Materiality and Books

I really enjoyed our class discussion on digital materiality, which is a discussion I hear echoed in many places.  The automotive world, for example, rarely has “mechanics.”  Now we have “technicians” who sometimes spend more time programing and evaluating diagnostic machines than they do handling a feeler gauge to measure a spark-plug’s gap.  There must […]

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