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DH Theory

I think that the articles in the Theorizing section presented some provocative and interesting ideas. I was particularly struck by Johanna Drucker’s essay, “Humanist Theory and Digital Scholarship.” In this piece Drucker’s sentiments reminded me much of those echoed in Mark Monmonier’s work “How to Lie with Maps.”  Both caution against the open embrace of […]

What does alt ac mean for the academy?

  The selection of readings for today’s class present an interesting and important point of view when considering the state of employment in the academy, and subsequently, what skills the academy must impart to graduate school students in order to adequately prepare them adequately for the job market they will actually enter. I think Bethany […]

Open Peer Review

In preparation for class today I also tried to participate in one of the on-line peer review experiments.  I chose the work about piracy in the music business, a topic I am very interested in personally.  I found the template and software very easy to use but I think the major problem with this type […]

Peer Review, Scholarly Publishing, and the Future of the Academy

I thought that Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s excellent work, Planned Obsolescence, raised several very valid and important questions and issues regarding technology, communication, and scholarly publishng.  When Fitzpatrick asserts that we must re-think the notions of ownership and authorship in order to develop a more succesfull system of scholary communication, she is spot on.  I  understand the […]

The definition of Digital Humanities…a problematic endeavor

Throughout the selection of readings for this week I noticed one constant theme: it seems impossible to arrive at a consensus on a definition of the Digital Humanities. I think that the broad notion of the humanities proves beyond the scope of one single definition and adding digital technology into the picture only complicates matters. […]

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