Walden, A Game: Is This “Gamification?”

Here is an amazing looking game made from an analysis of Thoreau’s Walden from USC: http://cinema.usc.edu/interactive/research/walden.cfm Would it be appropriate to call this “gamification,” or has this term been universally perverted by advertising/marketing ideology?

Abstract: MoMiPa

Beneath the veneer of educational entertainment, nineteenth century panoramas performed significant ideological work, authorizing hegemonic histories, promoting nationalism, and conditioning spectators to be mass audience members. While grand theaters and late-nineteenth century resurgence have ensured ongoing scholarly attention to circular panoramas, the very attributes that account for proliferation—low cost of production, mobility, and mass appeal—have […]

Exploratory Data Analysis, etc.

This is a bit incongruous viz the direction of the most recent blog posts/assignments but Prof. Manovich’s visit yesterday helped me articulate a certain point.  The question I raised at the end of class dealt with Exploratory Data Analysis – more specifically, with the ethics of how one might extrapolate from the data one is […]

To Be Seen and Remarked On

I read Mark Sample’s “Unseen and Unremarked On” with great interest—if only for utterly selfish reasons. I was pleased to see belated attention to DeLillo, whose vocal luddism belies a sustained engagement with the effects of various information technologies on the porous boundaries of art, politics, and self. I also found his constructions of alternative […]

Can Accessibility Focus Hinder Accessibility?

In doing this week’s reading I was particularly drawn to the piece “Disability, Universal Design, and the Digital Humanities.” We’ve discussed accessibility a lot in this class, and I’ve thought about it more as a result. Universal Design on the other hand is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time, from a […]

Rough Stages of Final Project

Hey all– I’m hoping that maybe some of you can help me think through some of my major ideas for my final project for this class. I’m still in the intensive-research phase and have found all sorts of helpful, specific-article type resources, but I figured I should branch out and ask about 1) resources and […]

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