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Exploratory Data Analysis, etc.

This is a bit incongruous viz the direction of the most recent blog posts/assignments but Prof. Manovich’s visit yesterday helped me articulate a certain point.  The question I raised at the end of class dealt with Exploratory Data Analysis – more specifically, with the ethics of how one might extrapolate from the data one is […]


I need to preface the following by noting that I haven’t finished Ramsay’s book.  He could very well address and put to rest the issues I’m about to raise, which is to say that they’re being put forward on a priori shaky ground.  But I thought I’d take advantage of the relatively strong reactionary streak […]

The Pleasure of the Hypertext

I feel compelled to make a brief comment on Fitzpatrick’s third chapter, “Texts” – and in a somewhat anecdotal way, which I apologize for in advance.  A good chunk of the chapter is devoted to finding the right questions to ask about digital texts, about what they gain or lose of the traditional “codex”, over […]

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