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The Future of DH In Question?

After reading the first three essays found in Envisioning The Future of The Digital Humanities in the Debates Book, I truly felt as though the future of DH is being hindered by the same question we asked earlier in the semester: what is DH? This question seems to me as well as other DHers such as Matthew […]

Theorizing DH: A Medley of Opinions

While doing this week’s assigned readings, I was bombarded with diverse opinions from DH scholars regarding the topic of DH and theory. Of all of the brief essays I read from these scholars, only two really piqued my interest: When Digital Humanities Was In Vogue by Natalia Cecire andTheory Firstby Benjamin M. Schmidt. Both essays […]

First Draft of DH Project Proposal: Digital Archiving

After rereading the directions that Matt gave us regarding the final assignment, I have opted to write a proposal rather than write a seminar paper since the latter seems a lot more interesting than the former. For my final project, I am considering to make a proposal for a new digital archiving tool to preserve, analyze, […]

DSpace and It’s Role in Digital Materiality

Before I start talking about DSpace, let me just say that it was a challenge to find a web-based resource related to digital materiality. I had to use my Yahoo! search engine, read the definition of digital materiality on Wikipedia, and then had to consult for assistance. But after a half-hour of searching around, I […]

The Mechanics of Visualization in Today’s World

Last week, before Superstorm Sandy struck the east coast I started to read the first six pages of Lev Manovich’s What Is Visualization? After losing power and getting it back two days later, I went back on my laptop to finish reading the essay and then went about reading Manovich’s second essay Media Visualization: Visual Techniques […]

Archive-It! Tool Review

At the end of yesterday’s class, I gave a PowerPoint presentation on the DH tool Archive-It!. This particular tool is of prime importance to the field of digital humanities because it is primarily used by various entities to maintain and organize digital archives and collections. These entities include academic institutions (such as college/university libraries and […]

DH and Archiving: A Killing Combination

For the past few days, I have taken time out of my busy schedule to inform myself on the role archiving is currently playing in the fresh new field of digital humanities. First I took a gander at the two videos of Ben Vershbow explaining his DH work in creating online archives. I found it […]

Graduate Education and Proposed Reforms: The Cold, Hard Facts

For the past few generations, college graduates have been attending graduate programs in order to guarantee themselves a better and successful future and to increase their chances of landing their desired careers. These people have spent thousands of dollars in financial aid in order to obtain their masters and doctoral degrees, and have also invested […]

Scholarly Communication

Since the beginning of the humanities a few centuries ago, scholarly communication has been important in the publishing process of humanities works. However, as the 21st century has progressed, this practice has undergone significant changes. One of these changes involves the transition of scholarly communication from physical to digital. Prior to the 21st century, scholarly communication regarding  academic and humanities-related works was […]

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