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Abstract: MoMiPa

Beneath the veneer of educational entertainment, nineteenth century panoramas performed significant ideological work, authorizing hegemonic histories, promoting nationalism, and conditioning spectators to be mass audience members. While grand theaters and […]

To Be Seen and Remarked On

I read Mark Sample’s “Unseen and Unremarked On” with great interest—if only for utterly selfish reasons. I was pleased to see belated attention to DeLillo, whose vocal luddism belies a […]

The Filter Test

I believe it’s my turn to play the part of the skeptic, but before I do so, permit me to share the fruits of reconnaissance. In an itty-bitty footnote in […]

Baby Steps, Octopus

I was struck by the abundance of ambitious plans for reforming graduate study of the humanities. Whether it included inculcating critical vocationalism (Jay and Graff), expanding curricula (Grafton and Grossman), […]

Planned Obsolescence: Terrific. Now What?

In Planned Obsolescence, Kathleen Fitzpatrick poses some bold goals. Discussing authorship, she provides these dictums: “We need to think less about completed products and more about texts-in-process; less about individual […]

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