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Walden, A Game: Is This “Gamification?”

Here is an amazing looking game made from an analysis of Thoreau’s Walden from USC: Would it be appropriate to call this “gamification,” or has this term been universally perverted by advertising/marketing ideology?

Can Accessibility Focus Hinder Accessibility?

In doing this week’s reading I was particularly drawn to the piece “Disability, Universal Design, and the Digital Humanities.” We’ve discussed accessibility a lot in this class, and I’ve thought about it more as a result. Universal Design on the other hand is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time, from a […]

Some Interesting Maps…

Here are some I found… Infinite Jest: William Faulkner’s novels (map by Faulkner): Map of Krypton: Neuromancer maps: <> <>   I’d be interested to see if anybody else could share some links to interesting maps.

Let’s Do It Ourselves.

After reading the concerned posts of both Ammon and James, I’ll chime in with my own opinion that Ramsay seemed to be overpacking loaded words into his sentences, and will also accept that nitpicking a piece so concerned with ‘deformation’ of texts and best practices in text interpretation is hardly nitpicking.   I didn’t catch […]

Thoughts on THATCamp NYC 2012

I attended THATCamp NYC this weekend, and it was a great time, and I met some cool people, and really got to know some classmates. The organizers did a great job, served some really great food, and beyond just being gracious they made sure everyone knew where to go, and when. It was really inspiring […]

Anxieties and Articulation in Debates In The Digital Humanities

NOTE: All quotes from Debates in Digital Humanities   It seems that a lot of scholars writing in the DH field have been constrained technologically and fill in their own gaps with critiques that, while warranted, expose a level of disappointment with accessible canons of text:   If we do not theorize our technological approaches […]

Define at your own peril…

Seeking a definition for digital humanities seems much like the search to define other modern academic concepts, such as “postmodernism.”  While we can see multiple iterations of such concepts in our literature, we rarely see critics in total agreement on which works fall into the correct category.  Iterations of the labels that share certain features, […]

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