In our last class we discussed MOOCs and some of the possible future directions they might take.  I bumped into a blurb in Inside Higher Ed about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeking proposals for MOOCs “designed to serve as remedial and other general education courses.”  Following is the blurb: Gates Seeks Development of […]

Define at your own peril…

Seeking a definition for digital humanities seems much like the search to define other modern academic concepts, such as “postmodernism.”  While we can see multiple iterations of such concepts in our literature, we rarely see critics in total agreement on which works fall into the correct category.  Iterations of the labels that share certain features, […]

Tool Review: GoodReader for iPad (3.17.0)

GoodReader, available for both iPad and iPhone ($5), allows users to open and edit images, documents, PDF files on their iOS device. (I installed and tested the app on my iPad 2). For an academic audience, GoodReader is a vast improvement over the default preview and proves more dexterous than Apple’s pricey Pages app ($10) […]

First pass definition

Hello all – below is a very preliminary attempt at creating a definition of digital humanities. A few points I’d like to make before positing a definition: First, I’ve approached this as a historical lexicographic problem, providing citations of use as a means of illustrating meaning. This may very well not be the best way […]

Definition Proposal of the Digital Humanities

After reading about digital humanities from such texts as The Queer Art of Failure, Debates in the Digital Humanities, and Matt Gold’s “Digital Humanities”, I can now propose a definition of digital humanities. From what I understand, the digital humanities is a fresh academic field that has been gaining momentum in recent years. It is […]

The definition of Digital Humanities…a problematic endeavor

Throughout the selection of readings for this week I noticed one constant theme: it seems impossible to arrive at a consensus on a definition of the Digital Humanities. I think that the broad notion of the humanities proves beyond the scope of one single definition and adding digital technology into the picture only complicates matters. […]

Towards a DH Definition: Where Meeting Spaces meet Situations

Given that I’m still mapping the terrain of DH—a task I may not achieve given its shifting topography—it would be premature for me to propose my own definition. Whatever contribution I might add has, certainly, been explored in an existing essay, book, or dare I say Twitter feed. That said, perhaps there are advantages in […]


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