Definition Proposal of the Digital Humanities

After reading about digital humanities from such texts as The Queer Art of Failure, Debates in the Digital Humanities, and Matt Gold’s “Digital Humanities”, I can now propose a definition of digital humanities. From what I understand, the digital humanities is a fresh academic field that has been gaining momentum in recent years. It is primarily present in Twitter, a digital yet social medium where digital humanists can communicate with each other and share their ideas and views of the humanities on a broad platform.  Despite being a new field, the digital humanities still serves an important purpose to participants in the humanities: it can be useful in converting  hard copies of texts and documents created by humanists over the centuries  into digital format and can then be  disseminated across the Internet for easy access for students and professors alike. In other words, digital humanities can be viewed as one of the many products brought about by the Information Age, which continues to impact how members of modern society communicate and interact with each other on a regular basis.

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