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Digital Materiality and “the thingness of things”

After last week’s discussion with Matthew Kirschenbaum, I have been thinking more and more bout “the thingness of things” and the physical medium needed to store and convey digital text for information transmission. If necessary, could I retrieve the 79.75 kb of data from an eight inch floppy disk from 1971?  Would I need a […]

“Literature is not Data…” (so writes Stephen Marche)

While reading Monmonier’s book on maps for class, I came across Stephen Marche’s lambast against digital humanities in the current issue of LARB.  He seems to imply that scholars will view algorithmic readings of literary data and literature as if it all were the same and that only one interpretation could be derived. I cannot […]

Graduate Education Reform

Some common themes in the literature regarding graduate education reform range from getting rid of the perception that the only goal of earning a PhD in the humanities is a traditional tenure track position at a university since there are few positions available, incorporating multidisciplinary approaches for better collaboration across departments, and reducing the amount […]

Preliminary Thoughts on Peer Review

Kathleen Fitzpatrick in Planned Obsolescence, dates the advent of peer review as far back as 1752 to the Royal Society of London’s journal, Philosophical Transactions, and possibly even earlier to the establishment of scholarly book publishing in the 17th century – required for royal licensure to legally print and sell a text (20-21). But, in […]

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