Archive | October, 2012

Baby Steps, Octopus

I was struck by the abundance of ambitious plans for reforming graduate study of the humanities. Whether it included inculcating critical vocationalism (Jay and Graff), expanding curricula (Grafton and Grossman), […]

Open Systems, Open Minds

It was interesting to hear Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s narrative on how she became involved in digital scholarship–it arose from a natural desire to share thoughts and ideas more immediately and more […]

Planned Obsolescence: Terrific. Now What?

In Planned Obsolescence, Kathleen Fitzpatrick poses some bold goals. Discussing authorship, she provides these dictums: “We need to think less about completed products and more about texts-in-process; less about individual […]

Digital Preservation

“We need to be rigorous in our experimentation, of course; we need to produce work of the highest quality and integrity, and ensure that our work is as carefully preserved […]

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