One Response to Are you a Digitial Native? (Survey)

  1. James October 13, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    Well posed, Jenn. My immediate response (and perhaps I’m speaking for others, Anderson e.g.) is that some of what I feel nostalgic for is ‘digital’, yes. So whether it’s by soul-searching or blind compulsion, my roots are definitely caught up somewhere in the digital.

    This is complicated, of course, by the fact that ‘the digital’ names a split, a decision between absence and presence, 0 or 1: my digital nativity could then to be just as much anti-digital or a longing for the analogue (which in turn wouldn’t even exist without the notion of ‘the digital’ anyway). Or, to speak like Derrida, the digital is also not-digital, which means it’s thereby digital and so on.

    Ah so yes, I mean: I’m probably a digital native. I identify strongly with the Extreme Animals.

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